Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gifts From The Other End Of The Rainbow

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I planned to share with you next a simple RIBS (Rouse Internal Balloon Structure) tip to make it easier to wear balloon flowers, but when I rediscovered a set of my Rainbow Collection greetings from the mid 1980's I could not resist introducing them to you right away.


Some of the things I find so wonderful about balloons are the ways they can delight your eyes, lift your spirits, and carry your imagination off to friendly places.  They are like rainbows you can see without having to wait for a storm to come and then to clear.  They are like having seen that rainbow and then picked colors from its arch across the sky. Now those colors float like translucent jewels of latex and air tethered to a string for your entertainment.

Balloons, however, can color more than the light you see through them. They can color the attitudes through which you see your world. Your world becomes a little brighter and more positive than is normal on this end of the rainbow.  It is as if, both, the balloons and your new attitude are gifts sent just for you all the way from the other end of the rainbow.


In 1985 I wrote a series of short balloon story/greetings to accompany balloon sculpture gifts that I delivered.  I called them my "Rainbow Collection". They celebrate this journey from a balloon fantasy world at the other end of the rainbow all the way to you at this end.  They are part of the inspiration for the Making It With Balloons logo. Here is the first of those story/greetings.  I hope you enjoy it.

"The Other End Of The Rainbow"

The other end of the rainbow is home for a host of magic plants and enchanted creatures.  They have the charm and power to warm human hearts and brighten human lives.  They live in a forest of balloons made from latex, air and imagination.  They are nurtured by warm hugs and friendly smiles.  They are colored with purple laughter and carry the scent of golden joy.  They taste of sky blue friendship and sound like thoughts of turquoise love.  They sing with humor and dance with glee to celebrate the pleasure of knowing both you and me.

Now, one of their midst is delivered to you.  It has been sent all the way from the Balloon Forest at the other end of the rainbow with special wishes that it may warm your heart and brighten your day.

G. Rouse
(C) 1985-2011

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