Friday, September 2, 2011

Balloon Month & The Balloon Arts Movement

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September has been declared as "International Balloon Month" by the International Balloon Association (IBA).  "Balloons Around The World" promotion is coming up October 5, 2011 this year.  These are outward manifestations of what I perceive as a more
Universal Balloon Arts Movement
that is greatly enhanced by, but does not depend upon, such organizations and promotions.

Balloon Arts such as balloon decorations, balloon sculpture, balloon graphics and balloon entertainment are media that have touched and influenced the lives of millions of people in a positive way. Many of you are among those of us who lend our hands, give our breaths and share our imaginations through balloons. We touch, enrich and influence individual lives, economic activities and cultural attitudes in the world around us.
  • We use translucent film made with sap drained from trees or made with oil drained from the earth.
  • We sculpt envelopes for air.
  • We transform them with hands, with machines and with imagination.
In the process:
  • We inflate more than balloons.
    • We inflate our own sense of self worth as WE are filled and transformed by rewards of, smiles, praise and money.
  • We stretch more than latex.
    • We stretch the imaginations of those around us with the possibility that they too might become creators and not just creatures.
  • We color more than the light seen through our balloons.
    • We color the emotions and attitudes of those persons whom we engage with our displays.
We exercise our balloon arts with balloon decorations, balloon sculplture, balloon graphics, balloon entertainment and more. We have daily opportunities to expand business, stretch imaginations, and color attitudes in positive ways. When we do these things, the momentum of our individual influence combines with others in a worldwide Balloon Arts Movement that can significantly alter and improve the world around us.

International Balloon Month helps to focus attention on balloon arts and that is very good.  The Balloon Arts Movement, however, does not depend upon any individual, organization or special promotion.

The Balloon Arts Movement infects the attitudes of people with a rainbow of positive feelings. It then grows with the stretch of each balloon. It expands with each breath. It spreads with each smile. It is, in fact, already on its way to becoming a viral pandemic of delights; visual, tactile, emotional and economic.

The Balloon Arts Movement promises to each person who participates that they will experience life as a creator. It does not matter whether they focus on balloon decorations, balloon sculpture, balloon graphics, balloon entertainment or other balloon art. They will have opportunities to see their creations add life to the living of others. They will, thereby, sample one flavor of life eternal. They will experience again and again that creation stimulates life, life begets creation, creation stimulates life and the process goes on and on. It is a process worthy of life eternal. It is a process that enables life everlasting.

It is, however, a process that is not peculiar to balloons nor to balloon art. Yet, balloon arts can put that experience within the reach of nearly everyone. And, nearly everyone needs to experience life as a creator in order to strengthen their faith and to improve their skills at making life worth, lasting forever.

You can be among those who participate in this movement. You may already be among those who participate in this movement. Maybe you make balloon decorations, balloon sculpture, balloon graphics, balloon entertainment or other. As you participate, you experience, for yourself, life as a creator. You add life to the living of others and share with them the taste of that eternal flavor. It is a flavor they also may savor each time they add their breath to a balloon and share it with someone else.

So, go out now and encourage these others by your example, to participate in the Balloon Arts Movement and, in turn, to act as a positive influence on others around them during International Balloon Month and throughout the year…. … .

Thanks for joining us here on
"Making It With Balloons"  Blog

Your Host,
Graham Rouse
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  2. Parabéns, Sr. Graham e todas as pessoas e empresas que fazem dos Balões uma forma de expressão artística ou os transformam numa atividade profissional rentável, gerando renda e negócios que auxiliam o crescimento da economia.
    Somos, cada um ao seu modo, responsáveis pela melhora da visão sobre essa cultura, que se torna cada dia mais popular. Podem contar conosco aqui do GBA - Grupo Balonismo Artistico do Brasil!

    Grande abraço,

    Costa Brazil