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    "Making It With Balloons" BLOG
       A personal Look At Making Things, Making 
       Success and Making A Difference  
       With Balloons


I have had the good fortune to spend a lot of time over the last 28 years playing with balloons for fun and for profit. You are invited to join me as I look back, look forward and simply jump right into

      • Making Things           (Being  Productive)
      • Making Success        ( Achieving Goals )
      • Making A Difference   (Benefiting Others)
    With Balloons.

    If you like what you find here you may also be interested in  ( It will contain a more formal presentation of many thoughts similar to what you read here, but also a broad spectrum of posts by other balloon industry professionals as well as a balloon gallery, RouseCIPES, member's area, links to balloon industry news and online store.

    This blog is more of a personal conversation between you and me. I hope you will join me here often and join in the conversation with your comments.  A good conversation is better when it is two way.


    Like most children in America I encountered balloons early, but it was not until early in 1983, as an adult, that I began "Making Things, Making Success and Making A Difference With Balloons".

    I had a friend in the hospital and I wanted to take her something.  It was near Valentine's day.  Balloons were popular Valentine's gifts, so I thought about them.  Then, as I was browsing for a greeting card I discovered a bag of those "twistee" balloons with instructions printed on the bag for making a balloon poodle. Well, I liked to make things then and I still do now.  I bought the bag of balloons and practiced until I could make the balloon poodle.

    I made the poodle and put it on a greeting card that I made as well. I took the pair to her to keep her company in the hospital.  She liked them and they made good company for her.

    At that time I did not think of in these terms but I had
    1. Made a new Thing, 
    2. Made a Success of my project and 
    3. Made a positive Difference With Balloons. 
    I had
    1. been productive, 
    2. achieved my goal and 
    3. benefited someone else. 


      The most important benefit, however, accrued to me rather than to my friend.  For me, the sense of potency, satisfaction and increased self esteem were great for a project so easily accomplished.  And this event planted seeds in my life for Making Things, Making Success and Making A Difference With Balloons all around the world for nearly three decades, so far.


      "So far."  That is right.  I feel like I am just beginning. I think it will take another two or three lifetimes to follow up on the things I already imagine to be made, the goals I already have in mind to achieve and the positive difference I can already visualize.

      Perhaps the value of this appetite for more, however, is not so much that it might be satisfied by reincarnation, but that it makes this incarnation more satisfying.

      If you choose to come along with me you may be similarly afflicted with an appetite for more.  And you should know up front that not all new things are as easy to make as a balloon poodle, not all goals are so easily achieved as a smile from a friend and not all good intentions result in a positive benefit to others.

      But, overall,  my first three decades have been very satisfying. I am eager for the next three.  And I would love to have you with me for this Personal Look at Making Things, Making Success and Making A Difference With Balloons.


      Join me back here for more of the journey and more of the conversation.  I would love to hear what sparked your interest in balloons and what you are doing with them now.

      Thanks for joining us here on
      "Making It With Balloons"  Blog

      Your Host,
      Graham Rouse
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